Care for Creation: Tip #2

In December, I had the chance to publish a ‘Care for Creation’ tip in the Lindenwood newspaper again. I tried to remain subtle, gentle, and reasonable in this tip because I firmly believe that progress on our environmental awareness and action at church will take time and careful consideration by all our members. This was my December Tip:

Care For Creation Tip- DECEMBER

By: Reverend Sarah Taylor-Peck

Your faithfulness endures to all generations; You have established the earth, and it stands fast… Psalm 119:90

This is a season of magic, new life, silent nights and decking the halls. We are grateful and generous when Christmas comes. At our house, we are beginning to put small gifts under our twinkling Christmas tree. This month, consider wrapping Christmas presents in your old newspapers. This reduces the amount of waste we produce during the bustling holiday season.
Bonus: if you subscribe to the newspaper and you do not have a use for the plastic bags that come with it- consider dropping off your newspaper bags at Lindenwood! We can use these bags in childcare! Help us reduce the number of new plastic bags we purchase every month.
Interested in care for creation? Our First small group meeting is December 14th at 5:45 in my office! Refreshments and brainstorming. Join us! Let me know via email if you will come:


Prayer, November 28, 2010

We call out to You, eternal Giver of blessings. We cry out the words thank You, thank You, thank You. We know this simple prayer is enough.
Thank You. Thank You. Thank You.
Thank You for warm homes. Thank You for enough to eat. Thank You for church.
Thank You for paved roads, peaceful streets, and homes made of more than chicken wire.
We are grateful. We are so blessed.
We remembered our gratitude and our thanksgiving this week at our dining room tables. We took a day to celebrate our good fortune and give thanks.
Sweet Spirit, we know that one day is not enough.
Forgive us, Gentle Creator, for the days we don’t remember our gratitude, for the days we don’t remember the blessings of indoor heat, good health, loving family, caring friends, and three meals a day.
We know Your people are hungry across the world. We know there are those who suffer, who grieve, who mourn, who starve.
Send our prayers across the world today. Send our prayers to Haiti. We know the Haitian streets are littered with crumbled buildings and broken community. We lift all the people of Haiti to You.
Send our prayers to 6633 Rainbrook Road where the streets were not safe on Thanksgiving day. We send our prayers to the place of that horrible shooting in our very city.
Tender God, we know there is hurting in the world. We know there is so much work to do. Remind us to be grateful today for all that we have and all that You give us. Help us to put our gratitude in motion. Give us the strength to turn our Thanksgiving into action.

Prayer, November 7, 2010

Gentle, all knowing God. Be with us here this morning.
Sit next to us in the pews.
Stand with us at the altar.
Speak through us at the pulpit.
Work in us as we worship.
You have plans and visions beyond our imagination. We trust you.
Some of us are hurting or grieving today. Mend our hearts and our spirits. Assure us that you are with us.
Some of us are celebrating today. Rejoice with us. Remind us to be thankful.
Work on us this morning as we worship.
Help us to imagine the sweet splendor you are creating for our future.
God the world is shaking around us. Storms and volcanoes and mudslides are hurting our brothers and sisters across the world every day. We feel small and helpless when we think of these disasters.
Lift our prayers from this place and take our prayers across the world. Where we cannot be in body, send us in spirit.
We bring all of our prayers to you today. We pray for this church, for our burdens and our celebrations, and we pray for our tender world.
Hear all or prayers, those said and unsaid. We pray these things in Jesus’s sweet name. Amen.

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