Prayer July 8

Generous and loving God, thank you for the cloudy skies this week and the relief of the cool breeze. As temperatures climb all around us, we’re thirsty, we’re suffering and we’re at your mercy. We have neighbors without air conditioning. We have brothers and sisters who perish in the heat. God give us refuge in churches and community centers. Give us all compassion to help those who suffer the most.

Waters continue to rise in Russia. God, again, we confess, we are at your mercy. 150 people have died in these floods.

We’re drowning down here. Give us relief and comfort and strength to serve those among us who are fighting the waves.

God be with our church. Keep us whole. Mend our broken edges. Give us hope so that we may be your beloved community even in the heat of this world, and in the troubled waters all around us. Amen.


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