Prayer for Andrew on his Installation Sunday


This morning, my heart is at Trinity United Church of Christ in Canton, Ohio.

Today, Andrew will be installed as Senior Minister. His mother and brother will read scriptures. His mentor will preach. His church will pray for him, and he will officially part of their story, and their future after this ceremony. My parents are here to participate, Andrew’s best friends, his extended family, his new little nephew- but I will not be able to sit in the pews for this sacred event. Instead, I will be in my own church leading worship. But I wrote a prayer for Andrew-and this prayer is written on my heart this morning as my wonderful husband takes this next step:

Living God, from the day you formed Andrew in the secret place, in the depth of all depth- you said: he is good. Continue to whisper this assurance into Andrew’s heart.

Remind him that he has a purpose and a call.

Be with Andrew today and let the vows and prayers of his installation strengthen his soul.

Bless him with courage and confidence. Humble him with your grace and compassion.

Fill him with endurance passion in his ministry. Open him up to share his generous and tender heart to his church starting today, so that their future ministry together is grounded in both integrity and tenderness.

Be with Trinity United Church of Christ today as well- help them build a strong foundation with their new minister. Awaken their dreams as a church for the future- help them to cast visions that bring more light and hope into the world.

I pray all these things in your many holy names. Amen.


On Mystery, Thirst, World Vision and God’s Identity: My Sermon at the Calvary Lenten Series

Last month, I preached at the Calvary Lenten Series in Memphis, TN. I felt honored by the invitation. Something about returning to Memphis after a few months away gave me courage to preach freely, to express my views and convictions without reservation.

So here is my sermon from that event. A few thoughts on mystery, thirst, World Vision, and the woman at the well. If you have a spare half hour, please watch it- and let me know what you think!



Also, here is a link to the article written before I preached:

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