Fires and protests and pain burn across the United States this week because unarmed George Floyd was killed by someone with authority while he cried out in pain and asked for mercy.

A crowd gathered around George when this took place. Some filmed, some bargained and begged for him to be spared, while others ignored these pleas.

George said “Please, I can’t breathe, please… please… Mama…” And with these seven last words, he took his final breath.

Now, days later, flames and fire, voices crying out and the need for change.

And now, there must be transformation, there must be more listening, more learning, more justice.

While the road ahead feels uncertain and urgent, we must remember on this Pentecost Sunday that the Holy Spirit came as fire.

We remember that flames showed up 50 days after an unarmed man was killed by those with authority. He cried out, and after his seven last words -he breathed his last. His Mama was there and could not comfort him. Bystanders gathered-some who begged for mercy, some who remained silent and ignored his pleas.

We remember in the days after his death there was pain, a need for transformation, a need for change, a need for justice to roll down like a mighty stream…

And on this Pentecost morning: we remember that change begins. The Holy Spirit comes through tongues of flames and fire. It’s time to learn, it’s time to grow, it’s time for transformation and justice.

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